Dan DunkelFuture Positioning: Call a Recruiter and Understand the "BIG" Trend

by Dan Dunkel - President, New Era Associates

Published in Today's Systems Integrator

A shift is occurring in the role of the recruiting professional and his physical security clientele. This trend is important to understand because it dictates the skill sets required today and in the future for the majority of physical security practitioners. The impact on your career and long-term income potential is measurable. This trend also impacts the bottom line of the business, based on how well an integrator can staff "strategic" professionals to respond to new and larger opportunities. Let me offer three questions that need to be answered when considering future trends and opportunities:

1. What is the undeniable trend? (For the integrator or security professional - the one "BIG" technology that is impacting your industry over the next three plus years. If it is "BIG" enough, your kids [teenagers] are impacted by it everyday.)

2. Who are the leaders capitalizing on the trend? (Read every white paper and view every video you can. Focus on executive interviews and go to market strategies, and understand the "cultures" of these companies.)

3. What is being discussed with key industry recruiters? (Develop a business and personal relationship and don't just contact them when you need a job. Ask about the industry trends and how the client's needs changed over the last 12 months.)

My Answers:

(1) Intelligent global networks that move voice, video and data at increasingly faster speeds and at reduced costs to portable devices. (I heard two telling statistics recently: (1) Globally, 4 babies are born every second, and (2) Globally, 25 cell phones are sold every second.
Fact: The intelligent network will promote wireless communications and handheld devices will play an increasingly larger role in security.

(2) Cisco Systems, Google (Maps, YouTube, FaceBook), Apple, salesforce.com, EBay, Firetide and Augusta Systems.

(3) Recruiters: John Nemorofsky (www.findmyexecutive.com) and Kevin Eagan (www.theeagangroup.com)

John Gage, a Sun Microsystems founder proved himself clairvoyant when he said years ago, "The Network is the Computer." Today the network is omnipresent in how the security industry (or any industry, for that matter) operates. Cisco has taken that a step further and promotes, "The Intelligent Network as the Platform." This is a "BIG" trend.

While technical certifications are very important, it is critical for all business people to understand where the networking industry is heading over the next three years. As we move forward, the IP network will evolve from being a connection (information delivery) vehicle to being intelligent. Smarter networks will change future storage topologies and eventually standalone servers, and DVR/NVR platforms phase out. (Some security manufacturers don't even see this coming.) When you understand how the "BIG" technology is evolving strategically, you can position your business (and career) for the future.